This weekend I competed in my first motorbike qualifying competition and I finished in 1st in Group 2. I had my junior dragster qualifying on Thursday and I finished in 3rd place for the Friday race.

Friday comes and its race day! I’m really excited to do my race! In stage one I passed going through to the semi-finals and finally qualifying for the final. This was the moment of my life! I came to the racing stage and I was nervous. However, thankfully I did really well. I WON the race and I am really happy for what I achieved.

The motorbike flat track 125cc race was really difficult. It took between 6-8 hours and there were two sessions. The first one is the normal race with no podium and I won that race. The championship race came up and I started really well in the race for 6 laps from 12 laps. I came in 2nd. I kept this place till the end of the race and I’m really happy with finishing 2nd at the podium for my first ever official motorbike race.

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