Welcome to Al Jazeera Academy Secondary School




Welcome to our website and thank for taking an interest in our school.  We hope that you find the information informative and that it answers any questions you may have.

My name is Andy Hubble  and I feel privileged to lead such a prestigious school and have the opportunity of ensuring that each child at Al Jazeera Academy receives the best possible education in their secondary years.

We have high expectations of our students and set challenging targets for them. Every student is encouraged to reach their full potential and we recognise that every student is special and has their own contributions to make.

Please feel free to visit the school and I am very happy to speak with you and answer any of your questions.. As your children may tell you I am very visible about school and therefore you can see me most times of the day.  For a more formal discussion please make an appointment with My PA, Ms Reem.

Andy Hubble , Head of Secondary 


  Secondary Staff

     Each staff member of Al Jazeera Academy is part of a team with a common mission: to help all students succeed.

     We have highly talented, experienced, professional teaching and non-teaching staff members from around the world.

     Every child has the potential to succeed and there are no excuses not to achieve that success.

     Our staff put their every effort to make sure that every Al Jazeera student graduates from our academy with the

     qualifications, skills and confidence to achieve their ambitions and go on to higher education or their chosen career.

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