In addition to our daily lessons we also plan and organise a wide range of trips and visits to support children’s learning opportunities.  All trips are linked to areas of the curriculum and help us to enable children to understand the context for their learning in the real world.  In addition to trips we also welcome a wide range of groups and organisations to visit the school.  These include events such as Science week, Maths and Engineering week, Art week, Author week and many more.  We also have a Gifted and Talented programme in which specially selected pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills with enrichment activities.  There are also a wide range of Arabic language events which include Quran recital, singing and poetry competitions.

In addition to a wide range of after school clubs and societies we also have a very successful debate team who have taken part in local, regional and international competitions.


Art Week brings together our  thriving creative industries into a week-long celebration of arts, design and culture.

Chess Champions!

Al Jazeera Academy won the Qatar Schools Sub-Junior Championship held at  Al Muntaza Independent Schools last week.

Approximately 54 players from 25 schools took part in the two day competition which Al Jazeera Academy won with Noor Al Khaleej coming second, followed by third place Doha Modern Indian School.

The Qatar Chess Association is wanting to tap the ever-increasing interest among children with rapid competition and will organize Under 16 tournaments.  

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