Letter to Parents - Year 11 and 12 Mock Exams -November 2021

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AJA and Ta'allum Group
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60 thousand followers

Holy Quran competition results

On Friday April 26, Salma Ahmad Moussa (Year 4) and Ruqayyah Bint Abdul Jaleel (Year 7) represented Al Jazeera Academy in the Faleh Bin Nasser Al Thani competition for the reading of the Holy Quran. Both girls did extremely well and helped the academy place third overall in the competition. This event, under the Patronage of Sheikha Dr. Aysha Bint Faleh Bin Nasser Al Thani, hosted 130 schools across Qatar and included 360 students from both girls and boys. We are very proud of Salma and Ruqayyah. Well done! 

Manuscript and Rare books

Recently our Librarian, Mumtaz Moosa, attended a workshop entitled 'Manuscript and Rare books' at the Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA). This workshop was crucial in understanding the preservation of books but also to ensure how to teach students a new appreciation for old books, specifically European classics and Islamic literature.

 At that event, Ms. Susan Parker from MIA asked Mumtaz to share the 'Reading Challenge' idea with 16 other librarians and teachers. A report about the 'Reading Challenge' was sent to the MIA's Director who encouraged further collaborations in the future.

 There were 60 students who participated in the Reading Challenge and they thoroughly impressed the MIA judges with their confidence, creativity, and charisma. 14 of the 60 were declared winners. Well done to all!

Celebrating our student teachers

On Wednesday 6 March, some of our Year 10 boys travelled to Doha Independent Secondary School to take part in a student-teacher program, attended by several other schools across Doha. A small group of our own Year 7 students anxiously awaited to see what exactly our students had prepared to teach them in the subjects of Art, English, Arabic, Maths and Science. We were all pleasantly surprised whilst watching the boys' charismatic and fun approach to teaching and the enjoyed reaction from the students whom were being taught. The program was certainly an enjoyable learning experience for the Year 10 boys and hopefully opened their minds up to the prospect of teaching in the future. It was certainly a proud moment to see how these young men commanded and controlled the classroom. Well done!

The Student Teachers are listed below:

Eid Al-Muhannaddi

Mubarak Al-Badr

Ali Al-Attiya

Faisal Al-Baker

Adnan Al-Nasri

Majed El Khalifa

Mohammed Al-Siddiqqi

Ahmad Al-Khulaifi

Abdulrahman Al-Namla

Faisal Al-Sulaiti

No Mobile phones in school

Dear Parents

I would like to remind you that students are not allowed to have their mobile phones in school at any time. As you are aware any students that are caught with mobile phones will have them confiscated and they will only returned to a parent when they come into school to collect it. This policy is in place for the protection of your children.

Your continued support is appreciated.

Kind regards

James Batts

Head of Secondary

Handbook and timetable for Parents and students Year 11 and 12

External Examinations Handbook Year 11 and Year 12

January 2019 Timetables Year 11 and Year 12

Qatar Debate

Qatar Debate

Ta’allum educators join elite Microsoft fellows

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Ta’allum educators speak about ‘engaged learners’ (Qatar Peninsula)

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Ta'allum teachers stress need for engaging learners at QF forum (Qataar Tribune)

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4th Ta'allum awards celebrates achievements (Qatar Tribune)

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Parent Invitation

Letter in Arabic

Letter in English

SEATS ARE AVAILABLE AT AJA FOR ENROLLMENT IN SESSION 2018-2019 FOR FEW CLASSES. Contact Our Registration Office @ 40329607

    AJA students give umbrellas and water bottles to school guards

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    AJA young writers in UK literary book, receive honour from Ta’allum top brass

    Curriculum mapping and planning between AJA and AMAG

    Primary staff from AJA and AMAG working together to conduct the curriculum mapping and planning for the next academic year.

    To view more please click on the link

    Curriculum Mapping by all Primary Schools in the Ta'allum Group

    For more pictures, please visit our gallery

    Primary Awards from Ta'allum

    This ceremony was to honor the winners of the first three positions from AJA in the Arabic competitions in Ta'alum prize for creativity.
    The awards were in the following categories: Poetry, Speech and Supplementary Reading.
    Well done to all

    KS 1 Arabic Awards Assembly

    The Arabic Department at Key Stage 1 today honored the students who participated in the three categories of creativity Taa'llum Award (poetry, reading and Hand writing) in a distinctive and proud atmosphere for the outstanding students and their achievements.

    AJA Win the QPPSSA Y3 - Y6 Swimming Competition!

    Yr 5 Science Day. For more pictures go to the gallery

    Y3 Egg Drop - Project Week - Prevent a raw egg being cracked after being dropped from height. For more, please go to the gallery

    The girls of 6AG have created adaptations of poems they have been studying in English.

    Anti Bullying Week March. As part of our Anti Bullying week the Primary school held a march. Visit the gallery for more pictures

    Basketball:1st Game of the basketball season and AJA Year 9s are off to a flying start. AJA 31- Qatar Academy 10. Great work from Coach Yousef and the Boys. Youness Bayoumi was MOTM

    National Human Rights Committee visit AJA for a presentation called 'Education is a right and duty'. View more at the gallery

    Geography Sealine Trip - Beach clean up and fieldwork exercise. To view more go to the gallery

    Autism Awareness Day 2018. Click on the link to view more photos

    Small Moa'then Competition

    A small Moa'then competition was held internally.  45 students took part from YR 4-10

    Options Evening Year 9 into 10. Great event held to inform all in Year 9 about their options for Year 10

    Our Year 8 boys do it again! YR 8's defeat Dukhan 3-0. Goal scorers: Adham Amer x2 and Waleed Al Assy. Congratulations!

    QUESS Under 13 Boys Football AJA Year 8s 3 - Qatar Academy Sidra 1 Goal Scorers: Sultan Al-Thani x2 and Abdulla Al Badr

    Aboriginal Art Workshop YR 7 Girls. To view more, please go to the gallery

    Science Week 2018. Go to Gallery to view more pictures

    KS1 Door and Wall Displays. Lots of hard work from students and staff to make these wonderful displays. To view more go to the gallery

    Aboriginal Art Workshop YR7 Boys. To view more please go to the gallery

    KS 2 boys played Edison Academy today. They won their games 2-0,2-0 and 3-0. Well done AJA!

    Book Week in Primary. Please go to the Gallery to view more pictures

    AJA Hijab Day 2018

    Please click on the link to view the video

    World Book Day 2018

    The students in our KG school celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite characters from their favourite books.  Parents were also in reading to the students.

    To view more pictures, go to


    Maryam Al Attiyah, from Year 6, collecting her award for winning an Irism Art competition at MIA. She won 1st place out of 500 entries from 65 schools. Well done Maryam!

    The Emergence of Art From The Desert Exhibiton

    On Sunday, 18th February 2018, students from Al Jazeera Academy, past and present, held an exhibition of their art work in Katara.  The event was opened by H.E. Sheikh Abdulla Bin Ali Bin Saud Al-Thani and was attended by the deputy High commissioner for Britian.

    Year 11 First Aid Workshops

    Our Year 11 students have been taking part in First Aid Workshops today, courtesy of Hamad International Training Corporation.  These workshops provide our students with essential life skills which they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.  The students were amazed at what they were shown and now can have some confidence in what do to if a situation ever calls for these skills.

    Key Stage 1 Sports Day 2018

    More to follow soon.

    To view more photographs, please visit our gallery

    Key Stage 2 Sports Day 2018 - More to follow soon.

    Key Stage 2 Sports Day 2018 - More to follow soon

    To view more photographs, please visit our gallery

    Secondary Boys Sports Day 2018

    More to follow soon

    To view more photographs, please visit our gallery

    Honoring of students for Darb Al Saai success. Click 'More' for more detail.........

    In the presence of the Principal of the Academy,  Mr Sheldon Smith, the Arabic Department \ Primary honored its winning teams in the Qatar National Day 2017 competitions, where our teams won second place in the theater contest and third place in the Qatar Debating Competition.
    The ceremony was attended by a number of parents who expressed their pride in their children and their achievements.
    For more pictures visit our gallery

    KG Door Displays for Book Week, done by the students using recycled materials. Please visit the gallery to view more of the fantastic work

    KG Wall Displays -The staff in the KG school have been working 'More' for more information

    The staff in the KG school have been working extremely hard to make their classrooms visually stimulating for the students in Nursery and Reception classes.  Please take a look in our gallery to view some of the amazing wall displays created by our dedicated staff.

    WASC - The journey so far...........Cross collaboration across the 3 Academies in the Ta'allum Group. Click 'More' for more information

    Colleagues from across all three Ta'allum Academies cross-collaborating on the WASC process.  Great spirit and teamwork from everyone involved.

    Cheque for QCS - The total amount raised for QCS from our fundraising

    A small collection of students and staff with the cheque for 53,051 QAR that we as an Academy raised for the Qatar Cancer Society.  This money was raised in Pink October and 'Movember' by having lots of different activites.

    AJA would like to thank the students for making AJA the number one fundraiser for QCS for the second year in succession.

    Well done everyone!

    AJA in the news

    Number 1 fundraisers for QCS, again!

    During the months of October and November, students of Al Jazeera Academy teamed up with each other and raised funds for the Qatar Cancer Society. The funds were raised by various means including cake decorating competitions, General knowledge quizzes, Talent Shows, pink and blue days and football tournaments.

    Over the 2 months there was a tremendous sense of togetherness throughout the Academy in trying to raise the awareness of cancer and the devastation it can cause. All the students worked together and in total we raised the grand total of 53051.25QAR

    The Qatar cancer society came in and received the cheque as we were celebrating Qatar National day. They informed us that, yet again, Al Jazeera Academy is the number 1 fundraising school for them in the country.

    A tremendous feat by all concerned. Well done AJA!

    QND celebrations - Primary

    A compilation of our Primary schools' Qatar National Day celebration.  Click on the image to view the video.

    Darb Al Saai success

    We are  very proud and pleased to inform you that we won the second place in the Qatar theater competition in Darb Al-Saai, supervised by Mrs. Heba .The team will be honored tomorrow, Sunday 17th, at 5:00 pm in Darb Al-Saai 

    QND Celebrations

    Today we have had the Qatar National Day Celebrations in Primary.  It was a fantastic event with everyone taking part in one way or another.  Please view the pictures of the day in our Gallery and also follow us @AJAcademy on Twitter to see more

    QND preparations 2017

    Preparations are well underway for our Qatar National Day celebrations which are being held on the 13th of December for Primary and on the 14th for KG and Secondary.

    The events promise to be fantastic.

    Business Studies

    Abdulla Al Hilali and Majed Al Mansoori, two young Qatari entrepreneurs, visited AJA Business students to share their experience of starting up and running ICY BUN in Qatar. They went through the process of developing the concept with students, who were then given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session. They also spent some more time with year 12 boys who are studying entrepreneurship as part of their IAS Business course. Below are some comments from students:

    ‘’It was very helpful as it related to what we were learning in class.’’ Ali Montazeri Y12

    “They talked about the process of starting a business and gave us a lot of advice on how to go about starting a business. I appreciate their visit.’’ Sultan Al Binali Y12

    ‘’I learnt about how they came up with the idea and created the business.” Fatima Al Thani Y11

    Arabic Debate Success - Primary

    Over the course of the weekend, some of our primary students attended the Arabic Debate competition.

    In a tense competition Al Jazeera Academy finished in 4th place overall with Tarek Awad in 8th, Hashem Feroun in 4th and Abdulrahman Mohammed in 1st respectively.  The team was led by Mr. Hossam al Khatib.

    A huge congratulations to all the people involved, you represented the Academy in a fantastic way.

    First Aid Workshops

    Since the beginning of the Academic year our secondary students have been having First Aid workshops run by Hamad International Training Corporation.

    These workshops provide our students with some basic training in first aid.  Knowing basic first aid is an important skill to have as we never know when we will need it and it could make a huge difference if something were to happen.

    Each month a Year group ( Year 7-12) will participate in these workshops.

    Science week - KG

    In KG we had a whole week of Science. We had workshops with the people from 'STEMxplorers'.  They showed us how to make our own candy and mini volcanoes and we loved the slime we made.  Outside we saw more science experiments; lots of fire and smoke and a big volcano.

    In the KG school last week we had visitors from STEMxplorers.  STEMxplorers showed the students how to make their own candy, and slime.  They also made their own volcanoes.

    Outside there were experiments using fire and dry ice.  All the students enjoyed the "science week" that was held

    Primary Arabic Debate Team to compete in 2 categories at Darb Al Saai to celebrate Qatar National Day

    Congratulations to our Primary Arabic debate team who achieved 3rd place out of all the schools in Qatar.  The team is now eligible to participate in 2 categories, Theatre play and Debates, at Darb Al Saai to celebrate Qatar National Day. A fantastic achievement and a great honour for the Academy, students and their families and the staff involved.

    Qatar Biodiversity Project

     Year 11 boys, Fahad Al Thani and Adnan Rashid, carrying out DNA separation on different breeds of falcons and making use of university lab facilities.

    They attended workshops on selective breeding and adaptations of falcons, the boys throroughly enjoyed the hands on experience and are now considering a career in the biology field.

    Spelling Bee - Boys

    •  It was a tough competition this year. Students from both schools were very well prepared for the competition.
    • The results:
    • 1st Place: Tameem Al Ansari (AMAB)
    • 2nd Place: Mohammed Al-Marri (AMAB)
    • 3rd Place: Fahad Hashim (AJA)
    • 4th Place: Zackaraya Abdussalam (AJA)
    • 5th Place: Abdulla Omar (AMAB)
    • 6th Place: Hamad Al Hanzab (AJA)
    • We would like to congratulate all the boys who took part in this prestigious event and commend them on their knowledge.
    • Well done to everyone involved!

    Charity football tournament

    Charity football tournament.

    This event was organized to raise funds for Male cancer awareness.

    18 teams competed in 3 tournaments today for the Charity trophies.

    There was a high level of excitement throughout the day and when the moment finally arrived the boys delivered.

    Year 7 and 8

    The level of competitiveness was amazing but at the same time the gamesmanship was there too.  The Year 7 and 8’s kicked us off in a great match with the first game being won with the final kick of the game.  The games flowed, 24 in total, and the atmosphere was electric with every touch, pass and goal cheered and heckled!  The boys continued to play some great football and there were some tense moments, some dodgy refereeing decisions and some sublime touches.

    The winners, on goal difference, were the team ‘Tricky Taka’, Waleed El Assy, Adham Amer, Zaid Alshamaileh, Abdulrahman Gahir, Abdullah Al Emadi, Saad Al Sulaiti, Ahmed Megally and Yaseen Faraj.

    The goal of this tournament came from Saad Al Harqan who took on the whole opposition (Maradonaesque) and slotted the ball in the bottom corner to give his side the lead.

    Year 9 and 10

    Dazzling skills, diving, long range efforts, great saves, this tournament had everything!

    The Year 9 and 10 boys did themselves proud with some fantastic matches being played and some great team performances.  This was another close run affair with The Galacticos ( Mohammed Al-Naimi (c), Ibrahim Al Mahamoud, Sultan Al Darwish, Bader Al Bader, Khalifa Al Thani, Mohammed Jolo, Mohammed Ezit, Abdulaziz Shabani) edging it in the final match.  All the matches were played in a great spirit and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Year 11 and 12

    There were only 4 teams involved in this tournament but these young men didn’t hold back.   We had drama, we had nerves we had everything you can ask for in these tournaments.

    The goal of the tournament came from Nabina senior, who back heeled the ball past the goalkeeper to edge the year elevens out.

    The eventual winners were the Year 12 team of Hemaid Al Hajri, Abdulrahman Al Haj, Ali Al Hashmi, Mohammed Nabina, Ibrahim Al Abdulghani, Abdulla Al Abdulla, Rashid Al Derham and Nasser Nabina

    A special thanks has to go to Mr. Sean for his organizational skills, Mr. Jaheed for refereeing all the Year 7 and 8 matches, to Mr. Hussain for his MC skills, Abdulrahman Al Namla for working the fixtures and scoreboard and to all the staff and students who came along to support.

    AJA students v Legends.

    The match kicked off in extremely sunny and hot conditions, with the Legends taking control of the ball for much of the opening 10-15 minutes. The students’ team did launch a couple of quick counter attacks but it didn’t trouble the Legends defense much. 3-4 clear cut chances were wasted by the Legends to put their team ahead, and after a couple of substitutions, the Legends took the lead through a wellplaced finesse shot from Rashid Al Khalaf just a couple of minutes before halftime, to end the half, AJA Students 0-1 AJA Legends. The second half began with a more rejuvenated Students team that brought about wave after wave of attacks. It proved to be a very quick start for the Legends, as they gave away a penalty early into the second half. Mohammed Nabina stepped up to convert it coolly into the bottom right corner, and level the scores, 1-1. The students continued their onslaught, and after a miscommunication at the back by the Legends, a delightful chip was converted by Ibrahim Al-Emadi, putting the students team 2-1 into the lead. This shocked the legends, and a couple of alterations were made, which almost immediately had an impact, as Abdulaziz Farid of the legends got a one-on-one chance just 2 minutes later, only to put it wide. The legends started taking control of the game again, as they weren’t going to just sit back and lose, and a well placed cross into the box by Sultan Al-Noaimi resulted in Uzair Amir scoring a perfect header to once again level the scores at 2-2. This broke the resilience of the Students, as they now went into defense mode, which proved to be an error, as after a scramble in the box, Abdulaziz Farid scored a low finish into the bottom left corner, putting the Legends into the lead for the second time, 3-2. With the clock ticking, the Students tried to push forward, but it wasn’t to be as Legends left back Saad Raja put into another perfect cross, with Uzair Amir scoring yet ANOTHER thumping header, scoring his second and the legends 4th goal of the match, to end the match at 4-2. The Legends take home the trophy again, with the overall scoreline being AJA Students 1-2 AJA Legends, stemming from last year


    Moza Fahad Jassim Al Thani, Year 12, has received the Outstanding Learner Award from Pearson (Edexcel) for achieving the highest grade in Qatar for her IGCSE Religious studies.

    This is an amazing achievement for Moza and the Academy.


    Ghada Ali, Year 12, has been awarded the Pearson (Edexcel) Outstanding Learner Award for attaining the Highest mark in the Middle East in IGCSE  English Language.

    This is a fantastic achievement for both Ghada and the Academy

    AJA hosts prestigious Microsoft in Education training

    On Saturday, 11th November 2017, AJA, as a Showcase School for Microsoft, held a training session for teaching professionals from all over Qatar.  Representatives from over 10 different schools attended the day long course which was delivered by Microsoft.

    The event was an introduction to the benefits of using the Microsoft tools in the classroom and using them to benefit the teaching and learning.

    The course was well delivered and was greeted with great enthusiasm by the attendees. 

    Proud attendees at the end of the course

    Istisqaa Prayer

    Our Human Ribbon made by over 600 students from KG, Primary and Secondary for Pink Day


    The traditional human ribbon photograph took place on the morning of the 26th of October. For the first time we had all the KG school, all of KS1, the girls from KS2 and the secondary girls taking part. All the students behaved impeccably and listened well to the instructions given. They all got into positions very quickly, and with the secondary girls taking a lot of the younger students under their wings, there was a great feeling of togetherness. We were out on the field for all of 25 minutes and the result was fantastic and it was a great way to celebrate the events of the month A big thank you to ALL the staff involved from KG, Primary and secondary. A special mention has to go to Mr. Sean, for without him it would have taken a longer and last but not least, Mr. Ashfaque for his photography skills (and patience!).


    After Wednesdays cake decorating Challenge, Thursday saw the finale of the Pink October Cancer Awareness Campaign. The morning started with a football tournament – organised by Tanya Van Sitters. One team even had their own pink hoodies and were well co-ordinated not just in their clothing, but also in their tactics on the pitch as they came 2nd.  There was then the annual ribbon formation which this year included students from KG and Primary. 

    The year 11 and 12 girls, led by Ayeshah Arif, did a fantastic job in organising a Talent show and Fashion show. Talents ranged from gymnastics, a violinist, singing and some poetry from Amina Khamis. A range of talents from years 7-10 were on display in a great community atmosphere in the QIC. The fashion show then began, led by Joury Al Hayki and Ghada Ali with girls displaying modest fashionwear with a winter theme from around the world. Staff then strutted the catwalk with clothing from their home countries which included the USA, South Africa, Palestine, Jamaica, Nigeria, Ireland and England. There was also some Irish dancing led by Grace and some African dancing from Margaret and Janet. Special thanks to Haya Al Maadeed and Reem Al Sayed, the comperes for the afternoon and Ms Ayeshah Arif for organising the shows. Al Jazeera girls all contributed to the campaign with the purchase of their pink cancer t-shirts as well as involvement in the various activities throughout the month. We await the final amount of funds raised. Many thanks to all staff involved in supervision and involvement in Thursdays events- including Sara, Grace, Tanya, Renee, Lee-Anne, Liz Gerrard, Gloria, Amina Khamis, Teyseer, Ruba, Asma, Daima, Margaret, Janet, Ms Doja, Annika, Janelle, Hana, Amelia, Zoe, Sherey and Shereen. Also thanks to Mudassar (for helping Sara with the IT/music) and Krishna and the site team for all their help on the day. A truly collaborative event.


    The Pink October Cake Decorating Competition of 2017 was the best yet! With over 100 students (and teachers from Science and Humanities) taking part, the standard was truly higher this year. The theme was Survival and our girls took this to a whole new level. We had such creativity, teamwork and goodwill flying around the room it was obvious what skills our girls were developing as well as portraying.  Our judges were also of a high calibre and took their roles seriously and with great gusto. The proud winners were from 9GG (AlShouq, Lolwa, Maryam, Hadeel and Fajar) with their cake showing a women in bed recovering from cancer. Second prize went to year 10 for their rendition of a man lost in the woods surviving the elements.  As well as thanking the girls for taking part, I'd like to give a huge thank you to all the staff who supported me with this event, it truly means a lot to have your support. A big thank you to the Achievement Leaders who came along and helped police the first hour. Finally a massive thank you to our judges, Mr Sheldon, Mr Peter, Mr Gamal, Mr Richard, Miss Samira and Mr Prince. You had a difficult job and you performed it with care and attention. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ

    The General Knowledge Quiz was an event organised to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness. 12 groups of 3-5 students and teachers pitted their wits against one another to see who would be crowned the champions.  

    The quiz included questions on Maths, Popular Culture, Movies, Sports and History.

    The overall winners of the quiz were the team ‘The Avengers’ , which consisted of AJA's very own head girl Deema AlAbdulla, Noora AlSaadi , Naeema AlBaker and one of the Science teachers,Mr Shaid. 

    The event was well received by all who participated and a lot of fun was had by all.

    Well done to all involved!

    The winning entry in our annual Pink October cake decorating competition. There were over 100 participants and over 20 cakes designed. Well done to all involved

    Banana Island - The first activity for boys (Qaeda Fetyan ) was to Banana Island. More than 50 students participated in the activities and enjoyed water sports and gained self-development skills.

    Tarbeya Adventure rooms trip to work on problem solving skills

    Decorations are up ready for Pink October.

    Debate team success vs QIS in the first round. Well done to all involved

    World Scholars Cup success

    World Scholar's Cup Success which has resulted in an invitation to the Tournament of Champions at Yale University in November

    World Scholars Cup, Hanoi. Team AJA meeting H. E, the Qatari Ambassador to Vietnam, Mohammed Ismail Al Emadi

    World Scholars Cup, Hanoi. Meeting H.E, the Qatari Ambassador to Vietnam Mohammed Ismail Al Emadi

    A tour in the Blue river in Travnik City.

    Gift's distribution to orphans at the park in Sarajevo city with the cooperation of Qatar Charity Association

    Yates water falls

    The trip's supervisor and the distinguished trainer, Mr. Nouh Abdullah , delivers a workshop under the title of ( Engineer your Life)

    The empowerment economic project for supporting a poor family in collaboration with Qatar Charity in Sarajevo city.

    A tour in Binbari Cave

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