May 1st - KG nursery trip to Jungle Zone, Hyatt Plaza

May 2nd - KG reception trip to Jungle Zone, Hyatt Plaza

May 4th - KG Black and White day

May 7th - KG - Water Week, Nursery A-B-C ---- Reception C,D, F,G

May 8th - KG - Water Week, Nursery D-E-F ---- Reception A,B, E

May 9th - KG - Water Week, Rec A-B-C ---- Nursery D,E,F

May 10th - KG - Water Week, Rec D-E-F-G ---- Nursery A,B,C

May 11th – KG Portfolio Day(Student-led Conferences)

May 14th and 15th - KG - Class and individual photographs

May 14th-18th KG - International Week

May 18th - KG - World Day

May 21st - KG - Move up day

May 24th - KG - Nursery Concert

May 25th - KG - Reception Graduation


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