At Al Jazeera Academy learning is our core purpose. This means that the learning of our students is our constant focus. It also means that adults at the Academy are encouraged to be life-long learners who learn with and from one another.

We believe strongly that for students to succeed they must be at or above their expected level in both literacy (English) and numeracy (Maths).  Our curriculum is designed to devote considerably more time to these areas and ensure that students who join Al Jazeera Academy make rapid progress.

We want all students at Al Jazeera Academy to have a quality learning experience which enables them to:

  • Make rapid and sustained progress

  • Benefit from a consistently positive, engaging, stimulating, enriching learning time

  • Have learning opportunities which motivate, maximise enjoyment, participation and achievement.

  • Build the resilience to tackle sometimes challenging or difficult learning experiences.

  • Gain the knowledge, skills and personal qualities essential for success in a fast-changing globalised world.

  • Encourage them to aspire to the values of Leadership, Islamic and Academic characteristics, which underpin all that we do at AJA.


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